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Daily NOW-RAMP Video Report:

Community on Midway, 09/24/02

Only 20 people live on Midway Island, but form a complete and mutually interdependent community, including a "mall," hospital, fire department, and elementary school where two girls are taught by their mom! (23.74 MB in MPEG-4 format: get Quicktime 6 to play it.)

Mini community on Midway: Follow image link for video report

This video was developed by Bishop Museum as part of the
Exploration Program, an educational partnership with NASA.

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Talk About It!

Who are the physicians?

Asked by Sharon from Honolulu on Sep 27, 2002.
I was wondering whether the doctor is also the dentist, considering the chair that was shown on the video.

Answered by the NOW-RAMP Crew on Sep 28, 2002.
Yes, the physician's assistant handles all medical conditions, but anything serious requires a medivac to Honolulu.

Five-star hotel on Midway?

Asked by Sharon from Honolulu on Sep 27, 2002.
What happened to the five-star hotel on Midway with the great restaurant?

Answered by the NOW-RAMP Crew on Sep 28, 2002.
The restaurant and hotel are shut down. If another operator is contracted, they may re-open facilities.

How can I live on Midway Island?

Asked by Nick on Jun 29, 2003.
would like to move to and live on Midway Island in the next couple of years, is that possible and if so, how? Thanks

Answered by Andy from NOAA on Jun 30, 2003.
Midway is managed as a National Wildlife Refuge and a National Historic Site by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The only people who actually live on the atoll's main island, Sand Island, are personnel involved in managing the refuge and historic site, or performing maintenance functions for the facilities. It is not possible to move to Midway unless you are employed in one of the above capacities. I hope this helps.

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