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A lesson plan by Barbara Mayer, Maggie Prevenas, and Sandy Webb

In this two day lesson, students participate virtually in scientific research being conducted on Nihoa in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.

Grasshoppers, Schistocerca nitens, were first seen on Nihoa in the 1980’s.  Even though the endemic Nihoa Millerbird eats this alien grasshopper, the bird can’t eat it fast enough to keep the grasshopper’s numbers under control.

In the last few years there has been a population explosion of these grasshoppers, and they have denuded all the broad-leafed plants. Therefore, a group of scientists is on Nihoa doing 2 experiments; one on grasshopper food presence; the other, on what bait would work to capture the hoppers.

The students will devise a hypothesis and a data table, in preparation for finding out the results of the scientific research.

Resource Pages (PDF format):

Talk About It!

What is the goal of Navigating Change?

Asked by Niutao on Aug 18, 2005.
What is the goal of navigating change?

Answered by Ann Bell, US Fish and Wildlife Service on Aug 19, 2005.
Alyssa, Jonathan, Kishti, Nainoa, Niutao, Noelani, and other Kamehameha students who asked this question,

The goal of Navigating Change is to raise awareness and to ultimately motivate people to change their attitudes and behaviors to better care for all for our islands and ocean resources. The Polynesian Voyaging Society sailed Hokule`a to the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands on May 23, 2004 to the theme of Navigating Change. While she voyaged we all learned about the northern part of our archipelago, a relatively untouched and pristine coral reef ecosystem containing cultural and biological wonders dominated by Hawaii's native marine wildlife species. To learn more go to or

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