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Photo Gallery

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Days 17-20: The endemic angelfish of Johnston Atoll

The spectacular rainbow pygmy angelfish endemic to Johnston Atoll. Photo by L. Rocha.

The Potter's pygmy angelfish is endemic to both Hawai'i and Johnston Atoll.
Photo by M. Rivera.

Dr. Randy Kosaki captures live specimens of the rainbow pygmy for the Waikiki Aquarium.
Photo by J. Zamzow.

C. nahackyi being transported onboard Hi'ialakai.
Photo by M. Rivera.

The flame pygmy is found across the Pacific but vary in color at some regions of its distribution. Photo by M. Rivera.


Day 21: The journey back from Johnston Atoll


The bluefin chromis is common at Johnston Atoll but rare in Hawai'i. The fire coral dominates the outer reefs of Johnston, but is not found
in the Hawaiian archipelago.

A young table coral and slate pencil urchin at Donovan's Reef inside the lagoon at
Johnston Atoll.






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