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NWHI Maritime Archaeology, Ecosystem Connectivity, Mapping and Coral Disease Expedition 2005

The Hi`ialakai at Pearl and HermesFrom May 14th through June 7th 2005, the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) research vessel Hi`ialakai ("embracing pathways to the sea," pictured to left), will be conducting a research expedition to the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. The expedition includes martime archaeology, coral disease, multi-beam mapping and ecosystem connectivity missions. During the expedition, Kelly Gleason, a maritime archaeology researcher, will be sending updates back from the vessel.

Click here for other maps of the region

Feature - Using Multi-Beam Mapping to determine depth contours (large image - 403 KB)

Feature - Mapping an Unnamed Seamount SE of Pearl and Hermes Atoll

Feature - Mapping Brooks Bank Brooks Bank Map




Journal - Final Day at French Frigate Shoals and the 14 Foot Tiger Shark

Journal - Day Two at Kure Atoll

Journal - Day One at Kure Atoll: Reporting from the Top of the Archipelago

Journal - Day Three at Midway Atoll

Journal - Day Two at Midway Atoll

Journal - Day One at Midway Atoll

Journal - Day Three at Pearl and Hermes Atoll

Journal -Day Two at Pearl and Hermes Atoll: More Mapping…

Journal - First Day at Pearl and Hermes Atoll: Investigating Shipwrecks NWHI Style

Journal - Last Day at French Frigate Shoals

Journal - Day 2 at French Frigate Shoals: Late night mapping and coral disease discovery

Journal - Day 1 at French Frigate Shoals




Coral bleaching

Galapagos shark

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