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Census of Marine Life, Census of Coral Reefs Expedition to French Frigate Shoals (October 2006)

Ship Logs

Ship Logs

Day 4 - October 11, 2006

Conducted morning dive and small boat safety meeting at 0730. At 0800, launched three small boats (PIFSC 19’ SAFEboat, CRED 19’ SAFEboat, and ship’s 15’ SAFEboat) to commence diver based biodiversity surveys at Lagoon Patch Reef site 2 (LPR 2) consisting of hand collection, algae collection, microbial collections (sediment and water), suction, sand collection, sand sifting, rubble brushing, and rubble extraction. At 0900, commenced hauling baited traps from DS 2 site. Conducted snorkel surveys of intertidal shore around La Perouse Pinnacle site. Completed retrieval of baited trap strings from site DS 2 at 1630. Deployed 5 individual shallow water baited traps at Lagoon Sand site 1 (LS 1) just east of East Island in 4-7 m of water. Deployed light trap plankton collector at the last baited trap site. Deployed 3 strings of 8 baited traps in depths ranging from 250 m to 100 m at Deep Slope site 1 (DS 1).


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