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NWHI Maritime Heritage, Coral Health, Ecosystem Connectivity, Apex Predator Movement, and Invertebrate Studies. August/September 2007

Returned September 10th, 2007

The Hi`ialakai at Pearl and HermesOn September 10th the NOAA Ship Hi'ialakai returned to Honolulu from a two week research expedition to the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument. Research included maritime heritage, predator tagging and tracking, studying the health of the coral reef and inhabitants, invertebrate studies, and studying how populations of marine organisms in different areas of the Monument are linked to each other and elsewhere.

Click here to see where the Hi'ialakai is now.
Click here to see current data from the ship.

Click here for maps of the region

Videos by Ziggy Livnat

Watch video from the expedtion on YouTube.

Reports from the Ship by Carlie Wiener

monk seals at FFS Day 14 - Last Day in the Field
Sean Corson Interview with Sean Corson
Chief Scientist
Drkarl_200 Interview with Dr. Stephen Karl and the HIMB Researchers
Hiialakai 200 Special Report:
Life on Board the Hi‘ialakai

Marit Team Interviews with Maritime Archeology Team
Metal detector Day 9 - Midway Atoll
Towing for shipwrecks Day 8 - Out with the maritime heritage team
Tagging large sharks Day 7 - Tagging large sharks
Clipping a sea cucumber Day 6 - Pearl and Hermes Atoll
Team Canada Day 5 - Canadians Get Pressurized
PI's meet in the dry lab. Day 4 - Planning and Preparing
Dive boats Day 3 - A Day In Transit
Rob Toonen planning team Interview - Dr. Rob Toonen and his team
Practice getting into survival suits. Day 2 - Getting used to the ship
Casting off the last rope Day 1 - Departing Pearl Harbor
Carlie Wiener Introduction - your reporter - Carlie Wiener








Coral bleaching

Galapagos shark

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